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About BiTS Network

BiTS is a network dedicated to e-commerce and the development of advanced IT services.

You can contact us, to receive support on orders or quotes , using the ticketing system in your USER AREA . The ticketing service allows us to optimize the management and response times of requests.

If you want direct contact, or you have particular urgencies, you can use one of the following addresses:

The WhatsApp switchboard acquires the requests and manages them in order of arrival. Sending the same request multiple times does not increase its priority.

The BiTS network (online since 2002) is dedicated to the distribution, online sales, direct sales and export of electrical equipment, electronic material, domestic series products, products for industrial automation, hydraulic, thermo-hydraulic, heating and air conditioning of the best Italian, European and foreign brands.

The electronic catalog gives you access to over 800,000 products and is constantly updated: By joining the BiTS network, you will find a vast assortment of electrical equipment, plumbing materials and accessories. By browsing the categories, using the bar on the left, you will find articles for hardware, plumbing and heating, tools, video intercoms, air conditioners and even gardening items!

Furthermore, the collaboration with the network's sellers has allowed the activation of a technical department exclusively dedicated to professionals, installers and Italian and foreign companies operating in specialized sectors (power plants, drilling, etc ...).

Why choose BiTS for your on-line purchases of electrical equipment?

Ours is an Expert System!
BiTS sellers have been active in the electrical equipment sector for over 25 years and the mission of our service is to provide you with an accurate and fast service! since 2002 we have entered the global e-commerce market through the creation of several portals dedicated to the sale of electrical equipment in countries such as Spain, France, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Greece, USA and China!

Our electrical sales network allows us to offer our services to customers all over the world. Our operators are at your complete disposal to provide you with support on the products of the best Italian brands such as BTicino, Vimar or for foreign brands such as Legrand, Siemens, Moeller or Rockwell.

Our Network is really safe!
We constantly strive to guarantee the best experience to the buyer who chooses to buy electrical equipment on our portal. For this reason, we have entered into commercial agreements with the main companies operating in the world of online sales.

We collaborate with American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard Paypal, BCC and Intesa S.Paolo! Payments made on our network are 100% secure. If you want more information on the security of our network, you can visit the section Security Policies in our legal area.

Prices, availability and shipping policies

BiTS offers you much more than you would expect! We take care of keeping the entire product catalog updated in order to meet the needs of both a national and international catchment area: Our network does not focus only on offering a competitive price, even if the prices charged must be very competitive in so as to allow those who choose to rely on an e-commerce to buy electrical equipment, a good profit margin.
We try to optimize all aspects that determine the price of an item in order to provide the final buyer with a service that is as fast as possible, as well as quality.

In addition to competitive prices, we ask our sellers to always maintain high product availability: we operate all over the world, particularly between Italy, France and Germany.
The entire BiTS network has a product range available in excess of 200,000 units; Our operators can query all warehouses in real time in order to guarantee very short shipping times: On amazon.com, feedback from sellers operating through BiTS shows that 99% of orders are shipped before the expected delivery date!
Even if sometimes it may happen that a product is not immediately available, our operators can contact manufacturers directly to know the supply times. Finally, we try to maintain a high standard for after-sales service: we have entered into collaboration agreements with the main national and international couriers to reduce shipping times. Our operators work closely with couriers in order to be able to quickly resolve any problems that may occur during transport.
Any technical problems, which may arise after the purchase of a product, are managed by our technical department and, in the event of a product malfunction, by the manufacturer's technical department.

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