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CAME - Control panel for gates

CAME Control panel for motors for swing gates CAME presents ZLX24, the new generation of universal control panels for the management of the whole range of motors for 24V swing gates, which thanks to the advanced electronic functions allows installers to create increasingly advanced automations. Connect technology - ZLX24 is equipped with a dedicated slot for the CAME KEY or a CAME gateway, enabling a series of additional functions for local or remote automation management. Adaptive speed and torque control - The electronics constantly analyze the forces acting on the window frame and are able to adjust the speed and the motor torque, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of the system over time and in all weather conditions, according to the set parameters during installation. Virtual Encoder - Designed for motors not equipped with Encoder, this function ensures safety and precision in the detection of the obstacle in all maneuver phases, also allowing to electronically manage the same parameters available on motors with standard Encoder, such as motor torque and maneuvering speed. Intelligent movement control - Thanks to the fully automatic procedure, there is no need to manually set the deceleration of the leaves during opening and closing. Multiple connection mode - ZLX24 integrates both traditional command and safety accessories, as well as accessories with
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