Bticino presents the new Classe 300 Eos with Netatmo connected video door phone

Last week Bticino presented the brand new Classe 300 EOS with Netatmo video door phone. The device is smart, 2-wire and Wifi hands-free and is connected to the Amazon Alexa voice assistant thanks to which you have the ability to manage your daily activities, add items to your shopping list, remember appointments, answer the intercom, open the house gate. The display of the Classe 300 EOS is intelligent and fully touch. Through the face detection function you can instantly identify the person knocking on your intercom. By double-tapping on the image, you can also view it in landscape format, i.e. horizontally. The motion sensor included in the Classe 300 Eos with Netatmo identifies you as soon as you return home and turns on the video door phone monitor, greeting you and showing you the latest notifications, missed calls and messages. You can manage the Classe 300 EOS video door phone thanks to the HOME + SECURIT APP. In practice, through this APP you can receive calls and see your interlocutor in real time, you can open the gate lock, even turn on the timed staircase lights (this feature is very useful when you are traveling, away from home, and waiting for a package from the courier) and you can check the various notifications (such as missed calls or messages). Through
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