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ARNOCANALI Thus the plant is safe from overvoltages Protecting systems from overvoltages and lightning discharges is essential to prevent damage to connected equipment. ARNOCANALI offers specific solutions for external protection (external LPS), systems and equipment (lightning and overvoltage arresters). Combined Type 1 arresters for ISOPRO power lines (SC1440.2TTF), which limit large impulse currents from 50kA up to 100kA, are suitable for general industrial and tertiary switchboards or where effective protection is required based on the location (isolated structures) or the need to protect the '' safety of people and equipment connected to the network. Type 2 ENERPRO (440.1TT) surge arresters are suitable for civil and secondary distribution, while Type 3 arresters are ideal for protecting final equipment. The offer is completed by the LEDPRO range (416LED.300) for LED lighting systems and SOLARPRO for photovoltaic systems up to 1500V. Finally, the range for DATAPRO signal lines guarantees the protection of the final equipment, with combined Type 1 and Type 2 arresters, such as analogue and digital telephone systems, ADSL and ISDN, TV and TVSAT systems, CCTV both BNC and POE type, LAN and Ethernet networks both in category 5 and in category 6 and all lines
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