Foto del prodotto Gewiss GWD6405
Foto del prodotto Gewiss GWD6405

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Gewiss GWD6405 Lst - Discharger 3P + N 25Ka Aus. T1 + 2

The Gewiss GWD6405 product is part of the category Modular accessories.Gewiss GWD6405 barcode is 8011564774834. The SKU to buy online this product on is 20138.
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You can buy Gewiss GWD6405 online on for € 739,17 (VAT included). Please note that the Price shown is for one PCE .

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Gewiss GWD6405 features and specs

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\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003eGWD6405 LST - SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE - 3P + N 25KA - TYPE 1 + 2 Technical features\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e Poles 3P + N\u003cbr/\u003e Pulse current 25 kA\u003cbr/\u003e Discharge current max 100 kA\u003cbr/\u003e Rated voltage AC 400 V\u003cbr/\u003e Model no. EN 50022 8\u003cbr/\u003e Contact auxfine vita Yes\u003cbr/\u003e Supplier List Price (VAT excluded): 1550.00\u003cbr/\u003e Related to pieces 1

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Gewiss GWD6405 Lst - Discharger 3P + N 25Ka Aus. T1 + 2

739,17 € x 1 PCE
Vat Included
Model (MPN): Gewiss GWD6405
SKU: 20138 - EAN: 8011564774834
Unità Misura: PCE
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