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Walkable Cockpit Without Lid Gewiss DX59502
€ 31,88

Model (MPN): Gewiss DX59502
SKU: 9035
EAN: 8018678027948
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€ 31,88
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\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003eDX59502 RECTANGULAR SHELL 360X260X320 - FLAT BREAK-OUT BOTTOM AND 4 STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS Technical features\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e Characteristics Flat bottom that can be pushed out for raising\u003cbr/\u003e Equipment 4 stainless steel screws\u003cbr/\u003e Color: Grey\u003cbr/\u003e Price List Supplier (VAT excluded): 40.30\u003cbr/\u003e Related to pieces 1

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